Al Tawheed for textile stripes

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Al Tawheed Factory is one of the oldest factories in the field of manufacturing and producing textile stripes , which depends on the high quality and technical proficiency, in addition to the huge variety of products which meets all the needs according to the requirements of tastes in the market, and the different sizes give you sufficient space of freedom in choosing what suits your product.

Al Tawheed Textile Fabrication Factory uses the highest quality control technologies, which makes you get a product that is exactly the same as the international standard specifications, which gives you the advantage when using it.

We are not the only ones on the market, but for a privileged title

Why to choose us

Best materials

The factory uses the finest raw materials from reliable sources

Standard Specification

Al Tawheed Factory uses the best and latest machines for producing stripes in international standard specifications

High performance

Al Tawhid Factory handles delivery of orders in a record time

Flexible Dealing

Al Tawhid Factory follows several systems of financial transactions with its customers, which facilitates the movement and flexibility of transactions

Services of manufacturer of textile stripes

Textile StripesMasters - Engraved

The textile stripes is characterized by high strength, and enters into high tensile products

OrdinaryMasters - Engraved

The ordinary stripes is widespread and enters many industries

crochet stripesMasters - Engraved

الأستيك الكروشيه مطلوب فى العديد من الصناعات ذات الخامات التى لا تحتاج لقوة شديدة

Custom specificationsMasters - Engraved

Al Tawhid Factory produces custom-made stripes to meet the client's wishes

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